Leaked promo shows off the Moto X’s always-on voice commands, new camera gesture, and more

The Moto X leaks just keep on coming.

Days after Google’s Eric Schmidt was spotted using Google’s still-secret new smartphone, a leak from Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless gives us our best look yet at some of the device’s new and enticing software features.

One of the big changes comes from how the Moto X will handle voice commands. Similar to Google Glass, the Moto X will have an always-on voice command system, which users can initiate by saying “OK, Google Now.” The video below gives you a sense of how it works, but basically its Google’s touch-free answer to Siri.
“Your Moto X is ready to listen and respond. Talk to it and it learns your voice.  With the power of Google Now, it tells you what you need to know even when you’re not touching the screen,” Rogers says in the video.
With the Moto X, Google is also doing some interesting things with notifications. Unlike with the unspecific LED notification light on your current phone, notifications on the Moto X are meant to be instantly useful and more easily dismissed as they popup on the device’s screen. Google calls the more discreet system “Active Updates.”

Last, and perhaps, most notably, Google is changing the way users open up the camera app on the Moto X. Rather than poke the app’s icon, Moto X owners can start the camera app by twisting their wrist twice in succession. Photos can then be taken by pressing anywhere on the touchscreen.
The video also confirms that the Moto X will hit Rogers in August in two colors — black and white.
Google and Motorola can’t possibly be happy about this leak, so expect the video below to disappear (and reappear) very soon.

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