Vine truly comes to the web, with full screen TV mode

Vine certainly is taking its time fleshing out its feature set. Most surprisingly, you couldn't actually browse the short video sharing service from the comfort of your desktop browser until now. Sure, you could follow a link that would lead you to a specific Vine, but couldn't skim a feed of clips from people you follow or look through a user's history. Thankfully that all changes today as the service finally embraces the web, and begins moving away from its entirely app-based existence. Now when you log in you'll be presented with a scrolling list of six-second updates and you can click through to checkout those all important profiles.

And, just so the company can't be accused of being lazy, it's bringing something a little special to the desktop -- TV Mode. Click the TV icon in the upper right hand corner and you'll be treated to a full screen presentation of Vines played in sequence. It's a pretty easy way to catch up on all your friends' travels, meals and petscapades (you know, pet escapades) without having to touch the scroll bar.

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